3D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Small and compact in size, air cooling

Fiber output, it is flexible to apply, the system is easy to make 3D processing

Good beam quality, TEM00 single-module output, after collimating diameter is 10mm, M2<1.8, divergence angle of beam is 0.24mrad

Technical Parameter

Machine model ZCGX-DTW-3D
Laser Raycus
Laser output power 20 / 30 / 50/100W
Wavelength lens F-Theta wavelength lens
Software Marking Mate Software
Board Marking Mate main board
Laser head Sino-Galvo 3D Scanner head
Beam quality M2 <1.3
Marking area 110*110MM
Working distance 197±2mm
Max surface height difference ±20mm
Min. character size 0.5mm
Pulse Repetion 1<F<1000KHz
Cooling method Air cooling
Power consumption 0.5KW


The 3D fiber laser marker is mainly applied on the sample which is not flat, such as column, sphere, irregular surface, smoothness and fineness such as clock and watch industry, jewelry industry, mould industry and bitmap process.

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